The episode wherein Pinkie Pie discovers cloning.

We discover that Twilight will commit murder to protect her friends. She’s also perfectly willing to transmogrify animals for science.
So Twilight is experimenting. She’s turning apples to oranges. SHE’S MAD, MAD I TELL YOU!

So they’re going to leave the orange/bluejay hybrid alone? Anyway, Pinkie Pie goes to deal with her friends. As a friend. No murder here. But she can’t choose which friends to hang out with!

That’s a frog transformed. Thank you Pinkie Pie. That will have to be euthanized eventually.

“Where the brambles are thickest, there you will find, a pond beyond the most twisted of vines! And into her own reflection she stared, uh, yearning for one whose reflection she shared, and solemnly sweared not to be scared, at the prospect of being doubly mared!”

Looks likes things are going out of hand. Like all cloning plots.

Her friends are suffering. The chaos… THE CHAOS! An angry mob shows up. You know it’s an angry mob if sweet sweet Fluttershy shows up.

Alright Pinkie Pies, we’re going to watch paint dry. If you lose concentration. I”LL KILL YOU.

That’s terrifyingly gruesome.

The real Pinkie Pie has been discovered. Twilight’s slaughter has ceased. Now a letter to Princess Celestia must be written, apologizing for the carnage.

Another great episode. It was extremely funny, terrifying and heartfelt all at the same time. Pinkie Pie’s love for her friends is touching and she was primarily motivated by wanting her friends to have more fun. A great, non-crazy look at Pinkie Pie’s mentality and how she views her friends.