Another episode. Satoru is a jerk and the facial expressions literally are completely wrong. They creep me out.

The monk was actually a cool guy. He’s dedicated, lawful and loyal, but has a flaw of exertion. That just makes him human.

That’s kinda cool. What in the world would create a dog that explodes and shoots shruikens? The marauders or the scientists. Crazy bastards. The emotions are really out of wack too. I don’t know what the animators were thinking, except for: We need to get this out on time. BUT DAMN. Barely any emotion.

They are chased and there is more evidence that Sataru is a jerk of the highest caliber. He’s full of himself, but no one ever brings him down. A minute later, he’s cocky again.  AND THE FACES. Animation quality is down.

No, we aren’t. She’s tearing the veil that the scientists (?) created. I however, am pretty sure that the marauders turned into those naked molerat things. Queerdogs. Anyway, I hope that these characters show some emotion other than vague disinterest. It’s taking away from the believability of the story. Several times they shout or whatever, and their faces do not match their vocal cords. You cannot cry out without changing face to suit it.

Major thing on the faces here. But dang the queen is ugly and animalistic. I find their culture odd. The queerdog shows more facial variety that is also appropriate to the events. Remember, it’s not the fact that they express emotions, but that their faces express the right emotions.

War. Satoru detonates a toxic gas that was being used on Squealer’s hive. All this death and they seem unaffected. What is up with them? I hope there is a reason for it. Otherwise I’ll start thinking that Kristen “Stoneface” Stewart did the facial modelling for this show. Plot is excellent, animation down hill.