Virtual reality and murder.

What is the power of avatars? I just finished Snow Crash, which has a heavy duality concerning avatars and reality. What is their power? What is their purpose? When does it start to have a life of its own? Or were they ever merely extensions of the will of man? My money is on the last one. Avatars are made by man, and can only act when connected to a human or an AI.

I don’t really understand the ‘fame’ of avatars. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it, but I’m always confused by it. Wouldn’t the person, the puppeteer be as famous? Like an actor, people remember Tom Hardy and Bane. People remember many things, but people always remember the actors. The focus on the unreal disturbs me.Yep.

Some investigation to show¬† they actually do something work related, instead of talking about their personal problems.A recurring villain is shown. How much you want to bet he’ll last either half way or 2nd/3rd to last fight?

So we get motivation. The man doesn’t want his favorite characters to change, so he murders the operators. The main villain is revealed, and he demonstrates a love for Orwellian fiction. Always a fan.