Every time I think about the fact that there are only 12 episodes this season I cry a little. I’ve also decided that I need to add fanart to this thing, so that it is palatable to our anime style readers.

Turns out that Applebloom’s (by proxy, Applejack’s) cousin, Bab Seed, is coming by. She’s from Manehatten and speaks in a Bronx accent. She’s quickly overwhelmed by the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon show up to do their daily mocking. Bab’s initiates herself by destroying the pumpkin float. Looks like we have another bully. (Driven, of course, by fear of bullying and a lack of a cutie mark, which is what caused her to be bullied in the first place. dang fine psychological reasoning)

Best song this season (third song this season)

Now she’s a bully. But the cutie mark crusaders have a plan! BUT THEY ARE THE BULLIES. Babs takes the float on a joy ride, not knowing that there is a BOMB in the golden apple. Which is totally sweet. But Applejack tells them of Bab’s struggles, and they repent in time to save her and learn a lesson.


Babs turns on her former queen. Using her Manehatten wytchcraft, turns Diamond Tiara into a swine. Now off to start the Manehatten CMC!

This episode is special. This is the first episode an antagonist turned good on their own. All others are transformed/kicked out by someone. Babs seed also had a decent reason, other than evil, pride or hunger. High quality. Great episode.