WARNING! This is not a work safe post. If you are offended by gore, bare drawn breasts (drawn drawn, drawception) do not read this post. On the other hand, this is one of the best episodes so far.

Anyway, lets go on our magical journey of self-discovery.

We finally realize the reason why Kougami is considered a dangerous criminal. He saw something so terrible it broke something in him.

I’ve got a feeling she’ll be a villain later. She’s got the smell of the knight templar about her. She’s also the reason that Gino only has good words to say about Kougami, a former inspector, and not the other hounds. That his father is a criminal is also telling. However, it is sin, not genetics, and circumstances, that causes crime.

Ew ew ew ew. Always with the mysteries. These guys have an addiction to complexity. The villains, I mean.

She’s the villain. Creepy painting. Seduction. Possible Lesbianism. Villain. Mad artist class. Nobility secondary. Likely going to have a break down, or turn herself into something.

We see logic, reasoning and Kougami displaying his criminal obsession. It’s not that he’s a criminal, it’s just that his obsession is dangerous.


Makishima you anarchic bastard. What are you planning? To destroy the system? To make everyone realize the criminal is just waiting to come out? I can’t wait for your villain speech.

Great, awesome episode. YES.