So ShinsekaiYori 6

I thought that Cantus were personal? What’s the point of giving it out.

Well. Odd.

Satoru’s not crazy. Not murderous. He did just boil some murderous moles alive.

That robber fly is going to try something in a bit. I don’t think they’ll like it.

I’m started to become confused. What’s going on? It’s not that I’m not getting what’s going on, but that what’s the plot? What’s the Goal? Is the point Satoru’s going crazy? Is it that there’s a secret evil in the Cantus, and that it’s coming out with Satoru? Is he going to try to be a new emperor? Wait, wasn’t there something about a cat that eats underpowered children? How about those disappearances. What’s the point of sealing Cantus, if they can just replace it? I don’t know. There are too many plot points that are showing and too few are being resolved. Likely, there will be another giant clump of exposition.

Directionwise, I wish I understood what is going on. I get that it’s a novel and whatnot, but there are things that are not being said. Like What’s her name’s reasoning for giving Satoru the power and not her? It’s not getting anywhere near as bad as Humanity, which took logic out to the toolshed and beat it, but it’s still on a downward slope of alcoholism and abuse that may end up there anyway.