Many answers in this episode. IMPLICATIONS.

Well, less questions anyway. Life’s a bit too short for a lot of crap anime puts us through, and I felt that they spent far too much time with Satoru and others. But don’t worry, Xewleer’s here to help you with your confusion.

Story to date (that matters): Kids go on a canoe trip down the river. They meet a biological library who tells them of the world, which includes breeding, several collapses of civilization and other junk. They are stopped by the Rijin monk, who ‘seals’ their Canti. They are stopped by the Ground Spider clan and the monk is killed by a blowdog. Satoru and whats-her-name are captured, but escape to a Robber Fly colony. They are led by Squealer, who is quite slavish in his devotion to the ‘gods’. The Ground Spiders flood the tunnels with poison gas. Satoru and What’s her name escape by collapsing the tunnels and what’s her name discovers a way to return a cantus, since she knew Satoru’s. Satoru then goes a little crazy and kills a crap ton of Ground Spiders. This continues until they see the main force.

Squealer has many, many layers. He hides his competence through his cowardice, but really he’s got everything figured out. Likely, he knows they are just children with terrible powers, rather than gods.

Kiroumaru is a cool dude. I would consider him to be some sort of martial nobility. Glad he wasn’t killed.

Yeah, this is important. I don’t think it’s the queerrats though. If they knew gods could be killed, then they wouldn’t serve them so slavishly. It’s a careful balance. I think that Kimomaru would eff them up if he had reason.

Friends reunited.

Kimomaru is a cool dude.

And now for the time skip (maybe?)

I was really impressed with this episode, while they were hinting at the crazy Satoru could potentially unleash, they actually brought in the queerrats under Kimomaru. He strikes me as the chivalrous (I’m not saying bushido, that’s something else) type. Not in the ‘my master right or wrong’ sort, but rather the honorable sort, what is right above all things, damn all else. It’s a difference between various kinds of leadership. The humans seem to only care about themselves and ‘order’.

The other thing I noticed is that the queerrats are more or less autonomous. They have their kings and whatnot, but they seem to be under the authority of the humans, despite apparent numerical superiority, they are kept in check by theocracy and the the Cantus/Haki (I just like calling it haki). I will be disappointed if, by the end of the series they rebel or something. A much better episode over all.