YAY! I’m getting caught up. Lots of homos in this one.

Two years pass… lets look at the changes.

That dog knows all. He sees all. And he’s as disgusted with all this same-sex stuff as I am. It’s not about the same-sex stuff, but that it’s out of the blue. they constantly tease the idea of Satoru and Saki, Saki and Shun, that coward and maria. Then Shun and Satoru was sort of out there and I don’t really get it. Bonobos aside, there was no hints for anything besides heterosexuality.

What I don’t get is that humans don’t take rejection well. And these kids are very powerful, like heads blowing up powers. And not a single one does it? Were the evil ones taken out? maybe. Either way, I should think that there would quite a bit of cliquishness and bullying.

Guy’s hat is badass, he’s badass. That’s the rules of life. I wonder what he said to him to cause Shun to go crazy.

Yeah, I’m expecting them to start dying, leaving Saki alone, slightly crazy and probably about to die. Good episode, except for all the gay stuff that came out of no where.