The Silver King Reborn.

3/3 + 1. This. This episode. This episode is why I keep watching average anime after most others give up. I’m not sure I would say this episode redeemed K as an anime, but it sure as heck made everything make sense. It turns out Shiro is NOT the Colorless King, but he is a King. He’s the First, Original, Silver King! I suspect that the colorless king has the ability to swap bodies, so the timeline looks like this.

Colorless King takes Shiro’s body -> Kills Tatara -> Takes over Weisman’s body -> blimp explodes -> takes over student -> takes over Homra kid -> takes over Blue guy -> takes over Kukuri.

Anyone else notice that Neko reminds me of Weisman’s sister? (In terms of looks anyways) Makes a bit more sense now…