Yep, one more episode, I’m slowly, so slowly rolling along.

Honestly I sometimes have a problem with the pacing of this show. It’s like they stop and go, rather than slowly build up the tension and the action. They had high amperage of excitement and intrigue early on, then decreased it, increased it to the queerrat scenes then decreased again -below earlier levels-, then increased it to present levels. I feel that the characters themselves are a part of this. Keep in mind this is not a bad thing, just my opinion.

Be lucky I cut out the boring bits. Basically, the scribble images are how I would do the show (minus dialogue, etc) barebones, if you will.

I DO always and forever have a problem with how they act out dramatic scenes. I’ll talk about it in the next episode.

A girl stands in the forest. What should she do? “LEAVE AND NOT BOTHER WITH THIS AT ALL.” Nope, that’s logical, she can’t abandon friends to their horrible karma demon plight. She’s only been taught from day one to fear them and avoid them and that they are entirely psychotic killers who should commit suicide than destroy everything around them. No no, lets go try to save Shun, who has faze cats after him and…. alright I’m done with this.

Merry Christmas