Another episode down. I’ve got a roll going for now.

Faze cat ahoy! She rips it apart in seconds and I still haven’t figured out their compunctions on killing. Is it just humans or everything? They imply everything but don’t do it. But humans are the only ones that can trigger a death reflex, but only when not crazy. No wonder this society seems to have a few holes. Bonobos or otherwise, I don’t think that they are that good at it yet. Hate her face so much. JUST SO MUCH.

Shun’s cool and maybe the best developed character in the entire series.

Canti as subconscious? Makes sense. Since mankind is always evil in their hearts, the subconscious is evil as well. So, without the structures set in place by their society they’d likely go crazy, but they did and do. So I don’t really get all their structures as they seem to be satisfied that this one works some of the time, but not all the tie. Couldn’t they keep modifying the program? eh. I know I’m going to get flak for these statements, but bloody hell guys, you’ve read the stuff, I haven’t. Haven’t even read the Tvtropes.

I like the idea of a church being his refuge. It implies that his buddhist thing wasn’t working. I doubt most people got it though.

THESE EXPRESSIONS. I would fire the guy who decided how Saki’s face should go. Like, they have a vague idea of what a girl’s face should be like while under mental and emotional trauma and said, let’s just keep this low key. Let’s not go over board on this. Lets give her a calm expression when things go really bad but when things aren’t that bad, lets make her suddenly emotionally unstable. When this happens, we’ll blame the bonobo society rules they’re in. I just don’t know. Worst guy ever. No damn excuse. The entire animation crew has no idea at all. JUST HOW MUCH I HATE THEM FOR THIS.


I still love that dog. So much.

You know, faze cats are pretty scary, but only when people don’t expect them. Otherwise they’re worthless.

Damnit shun, you were keeping this interesting. Now I have to watch the next episodes that repeat half the stuff he said and only advance us a good five minutes. Pete’s sake.

And no, I have no idea what she’s doing there.