It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “real” posts and especially since I’ve done one on The World.

Progress on the wiki have been rather slow for me in the past year and I hope to really improve on that as it holds a special place in my heart. Xewleer on the other-hand seems to have completely forgetten about it and that’s a shame on itself as he’s one of the co-creators.

Well, whenever he gets bored of writing My Little Pony fanfics, maybe he’ll be back.

Mihli Lilty The Estellion I dream of… is not just a passing ambition. Even if you have money, without power, it’s like a house built on sand. And power without money is like a tiger without fangs. I will have those two things.
Tashina Asera Von Aberich After you gain all of them, after that, what will you do?
Mihli Lilty As Mihli Lilty, as the rightful heir to Uracca and Maetel‘s legacy, I will make myself queen!

Above is a quoted excerpt from the Rise of the Nadir story arc. The arc has a beginning, an end, and some bits in the middle, but otherwise remains incomplete. I’ve constantly joked around that if I manage to finish it in my lifetime, it will be quite a feat. I do have intentions of finishing it though, but as I have to constantly worry about life, I tend to get side tracked more than I would like.

Mihli’s Rise of the Nadir is a story of adventure, friendship, love, hardship, but more than anything it’s the story of a girl becoming a woman and a queen. Rise has been one of the biggest story arcs, if not the biggest, since the creation of The World and it certainly deserves the title. I’ve been trying to make every arc fit into a 12-episode story format. There are 7 acts and each act is set to feature 6+ arcs. I’m trying to make it a long and detailed story, but at the same time I’m using this format to grow Mihli’s character in every way.

Becoming Queen, or Nadir as she will call it, isn’t exactly her ambition at first. I would say that Mihli’s ambition only slightly begins after her “father’s” murder, but becomes more resolute as she sees the plight that Estellion faces. She loves the people and seeing the rampant corruption and mistreatment of the lower class by the nobility, on top of their abandonment of duty pushes her over the line.

It is with Tashina Asera Von Aberich, the young Tigress of Stella Maris, that Mihli finds her first powerful ally. The young Tash is of noble birth, but her family’s control of Estellion manufacturing has let her see firsthand the corruption and decline the Empire is going through. She’s become a bit of a revolutionary in that regard and has been slowly doing her part to make sure Estellion survives.

There are other groups taking advantage of the Pillar-Alliance War as well, though Tash is most likely one of the few that could stage a revolution on a nation wide scale. Mihli realizes this and needs to gain her support. Tash wants to change the empire, not lead it, and this gives Mihli her chance, while Tash gets a revolution with legitimacy.

This story is heavily inspired by our own world’s chaotic times, the rise and fall of states, as well as the follies of our own government. I only hope my skill as a writing or at least world builder, can take it far enough to be meaningful.

Well this has been more random banter than I wanted it to be, but that’s my position on Mihli and Tash’s ambitions at this point.