It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m just hanging with friends. Snow has started to fall around my area, which is both a welcoming and depressing sight, the latter because it didn’t snow on Christmas. I’ve added a bit on The World at the wiki, but have otherwise spent the day watching anime movies with my friends. This is one of those reviews I didn’t want to post, because the show was a bit hard on me, for various reasons.

Hero defeats bad guy. Good triumphs over evil. The end. Or, at least that’s how it usually goes. But what happens after the hero goes home? Our hero, Akatsuki Ousawa, is about to find out that sometimes the greatest adventure starts once happily ever after ends.

Hagure starts off where most stories end. Hero beats demon king, goes home and everyone lives happily ever after. Well it’s supposed to. What the series entails is of what happens after all that’s been done with supposed hero. To be honest with you, my first impressions episode 1 was a sign of promise as it’s rarely told through anime or any forms of medium that I know of(bar sequels), yet unfortunately it fails miserably as each episode goes by.

Going into the season, I was admittedly intrigued by Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. The action, magic, and kick ass protagonist screamed potential for me, even with the fanservice element. And with the first few episodes, some of that potential was present. I mean, Akatsuki’s first few appearances screamed atypical hero/protagonist, as he was armed with a plethora of kick-ass skills that few have even at the end of their respective stories. Yet here was Akatsuki, armed with “end game” level powers from the start, and ready to throw the fantasy genre on its head, especially with his perverted antics. Surrounding him were a fairly decent cast of characters, including the daughter of a demon king he defeated, and a bunch of female magic users too.

However, as the series progressed and the plot started moving on to darker, more serious aspects, Hagure Yuusha began missing the mark. We are derailed from the minimal plot the series offers and instead are provided with 75% of the anime showing how awesome the main character is supposed to be(and I say this derogatively), and the remainder of each and every episode on how the heroine is shy about her breast(whilst having little clothing on). They ‘try’ to show some character development with the supporting cast, but it never comes to fruition due to the MC upstaging each and every one of them whenever he gets a chance to. I found the plot itself to be boring after the first couple episodes. It wasn’t that it was bad it was just predictable.

I have to admit the exposition got off to a fast start. The concept of people crossing different dimensions and learning skills from other worlds isn’t a new one. The cast centers around a school specifically made for them to flex their abilities from the other worlds, essentially they are further trained to be soldiers for different governments. The school has a caste system based solely on their different abilities and they are placed accordingly, A-class being the highest. The plot was pretty much what you would expect from a school setting: character interaction, a beach episode and a little this and that. Rushing an opening like throwing a couple of kids into this type of school probably wasn’t the best move. Opening the audience up to additional information about their alternate dimensions would have been insightful. However, I feel with no real conflict resolution this opened up for more seasons.

A majority of the characters had a fast introduction and the plot got off with a fast start. Miu and Akatsuki are immediately placed into B-class, with a promise of advancement to A-class. But bone heads will be bone heads and Akatsuki tried to pick fights with everyone in sight. He manages to offend almost every person he comes in contact with. He sets his sights on beating the student council and everything builds up around this concept. In the other world they plot on killing Miu to suppress her people and that takes up the last few episodes. In the end good guy wins and bad guy losses. Like I said before, it was just too typical and it ended up being boring. More focus could have been given on a Akatsuki and student council relationship rather than miix in cross world plots.

I didn’t find myself liking any of the characters, the only notable one would most likely be Akatsuki and since that’s who most of the episodes focused on, that was the obvious answer. To me a majority of the characters were duds. I would categorize this under harems and like most harems the female leads have an array of different personalities. Its a simple character formula so it doesn’t stand out. You have a macho lead surrounded by bishoujo or pretty girls and he slowly wins over their hearts one by one. Aside from his unique talents and over the top mental and physical prowess he is a standard lead, so its fair but not exciting. Simply put, too much attention was given to him.

I felt the studio tried to animate the battles but they seemed to focus more on the fan-service and this derailed the series for the most part. The sound effects for some of the spells being cast and battles didn’t feel like they fit either. You probably found yourself drooling over Miu or some other chunky breasted girl. The studio did a fair job at character animations and scene settings. I don’t really have much to say about much of either the scores or animation.

Ultimately, Estetica will go down as one of those series that just missed the mark (and by a fair bit). It seems like part of this is at least due to the fact it’s an adaptation, but I have heard it is at least fairly close to the original source material. I have also heard that the future chapters are a far cry better than what has been shown up to this point, but I just don’t see myself wanting to continue the source material to see. There is a chance I will however… just not at this point in time. At least though, the fanservice elements seem to be here for those that want them, but just those elements won’t do when surrounded by a plot that failed to deliver and reach its potential. This killed some time but ultimately it just wasn’t good enough.

With that said and the scores I’ve given each episode here.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica receives a 56/100.

Better luck next time.