BEHOLD THE FACE OF VERY FRIENDLY EVIL. Naw, she’s probably a decent person.

This episode has a literal ton of exposition, some of it already said by Shun and whatnot, so I’m skipping the exposition on Karma Demons and only discussing what happens to Fiends.

Yeah, this came as a shock. But this time Saki’s emotion are completely logical and normal for a fifteen year old or something. Suddenly, no one realizes that Saki has been making the wrong face all her life.

So they kill every mentally disturbed child, having forgotten 100 years (as I count it) of psychological development. I don’t think this wasn’t about revenge, the murder of the rest of the potentials. I guess it worked though.

Faze cats make sense.

NOOOOO MAMORU. He’s a gonner. It’s how this story goes.