I’ve realized that Psycho-Pass series is best scribbled by ‘arcs’ So I’m doing it. Too bad Lawbreakers.


Read this first you weasels.

I like Psycho Pass, but sometimes I can’t comprehend the minor villains. Makishima I get. He’s a psuedo-anarchist who desires to turn Sybil and the system upside down and free the people of the humdrum life. This isn’t spoilers, I figured it out by the web avatar killer. This girl wants to continue her father’s work, but there are implications she doesn’t get it. It’s trying to be complex but it all boils down to a girl having a tantrum and being artistic about it. Either way.

Yep. She’s got daddy issues. Oh well.

Here it is, Makishima and Kougami. More on this in the next arc. Motivation for Kougami to rebel and go for the throat of Makishima.

WHO IS THIS NEW GUY. He’s another of Makishima’s philosophical students. I like this one the best so far. He’s got class and he actually gets what Makishima is looking for. Genuine rebellion against the status quo. Doesn’t matter if its rebellion by vintage morals or futuristic art, it’s cool to Makishima. Heaven help you if you lose your rebellion.

He’s kinda cool, but I feel like Makishima isn’t all that bad. Not in the evil sense, he’s an evil bastard who likes other evil bastards, but that his rebellion is actually necessary for parts of society who wouldn’t be evil, just freaks. His stuff involves messing up the status quo but at the same time he’s trapped by his own hubris and amusement. Remember, it’s never anyone but Makishima’s game, the rest are just pawns.

I only wonder how she got around with a crime coefficient like that. “BUT XEWLEER, SHE’S AT A PRIVATE SCHOOL ETC ETC” well my ducks, here’s why. You don’t go that crazy over night. She’s got one of the highest criminal things we’ve seen and it’s implied that her madness is directed, constant and quite intense. In other words, she never has a crime of passion. Ah well.

A most excellent death and maybe the second best scene in the arc, the prison scene being top. A good arc, but not as good as the next one for one good reason, it’s simple. This was a good arc, best so far, but it tried to have philosophical art but at the same time it can’t really pull it off because of the nature of the medium.

You see art needs to be observed and commented on. Several things the arc is desperately missing.

1. They never spent enough time on what was created. I’m not going to stop my viewing and break flow to look at it.

2. Art doesn’t mean anything. Art is either nice to look at or says something, hopefully both at once. If 1 isn’t achieved then the potential meaning can be lost.

3. Dead bodies sound arty, but aren’t without clear 2 AND 1. Want to know why dead bodies in Picasso’s work “Guernica” were so poignant? Because it indicated a tragic waste that was the Spanish Civil War.

If whats her name had figured this out, I would be enjoying this arc more. as it stands, merely good. TO THE SPORTING ARENA!