The search for Mamoru begins.

Mamoru’s gone. He doesn’t want to die, fears he might turn into a karma demon, or killed in case he might turn into one. I don’t think he will, but I understand the sentiment.

A step into the unknown to find a friend they actually remember.

In the care of the Queerrats. I foresee danger and rebellion in the horizon, but I just don’t get it. They have killed the humans before. I guess you can wipe memories or they believe god’s can be killed but only by surprise? Ah well.

Faze cat tactics. I approve.

Honestly this episode was padded. But I see why. It works out for Mamoru to reveal he is being hunted towards the end. Character design is much better this episode, emotions are proper. I’m starting to think that the first few missed the classes on proper human faces. Either way, the series is going ‘up’ for me, and I look forward to the new episodes. Sort of a ‘too little and insubstantial so nothing to say?’