Hunter’s arc. Best arc so far and perhaps the best complete arc of the season.

Ah Psycho Pass. You blew me away. The villains are amazing. Like, deep man. It’s a cutting and well done well designed arc that nearly gives me shivers of pleasure. it’s not a master stroke, but it’s the fireworks at the end of a season that I crave for a half-way part.

Not a trap at all. But then again, they knew it was a trap but never assumed that a hunting dog would be the target.

Ah Makishima and Senguji. They are completely amoral and entirely uncaring about it. It is what makes them fresh. They are not insane. They are entirely in control of themselves and aware of what social norms are and how they relate to them. They are realistic. I think that’s what makes them strong, it also gives them an edge over Shin Sekai Yoki, which has no real villain outside of their powers going crazy, just antagonists. (yes they are different you cretinous illiterates)

FYI, Makishima is measuring Kougami via the trial by Senguji

Ah Gino, unable to act on his feelings for fear of censure but needs to act on his feelings to achieve mental balance.

There it is. Senguji wants to feel alive. Makishima respects his drive to live no matter what. This gives Makishima depth beyond the normal. You see, Makishima isn’t just a talker, he actually lives out his ideals. Sadly, I fear that Makishima will not be as memorable as other villains who are much more colorful.

GUN BATTLE! Ah Makishima, you twist the knife.

Any second, Tsunemori will snap.

Tsunemori and Kagami are the main characters of the series. BUT they actually have different roles. It is for Tsunemori to advance into the ‘womanhood’ and the height of her character. Kagami is to solve his problems, the one thing holding him back from being great. The difference is in the maturity. Kagami is pretty mature and not crazy, but Tsunemori still needs to grow or she’ll go crazy.

What a great arc.