Ah Binbougami, A light-hearted addition to my summer series finally getting a post it deserves. Sadly the goddess of misfortune ain’t this pretty.

An astounding cast of unique characters, several truly hilarious moments and a freshness that was unmatched for the season. And this guy.

Yes perversion is one of the by words but not the main drive thank goodness. Ichiko is the drive, her massive luck preventing a goddess of bad luck from taking it, doesn’t even out either. I think that’s what separates this show from others. There’s hints of severe consequences, but Ichiko takes steps to minimize them, and immortal beings can’t die. So whenever something serious happens, its taken care of and the humor returns in the next segment.

A lot of humor shows rely on sad things happening to add depth to their characters, but that’s not the case at all. When characters act serious they can’t do a half job of it, otherwise it doesn’t work. That’s part of what is making little busters a chore to watch, they add a lot of seriousness but like a poorly made Boston Cream Pie, where’s the filling? There’s supposed to be cream/humor in it!

Even good old serious segments like Rindou’s father is interspersed with genuinely funny moments and a great fight scene that made me laugh out loud for the ridiculousness of it. Also.

Here are some of my favorite moments

Another one

hmmm one more.

This is the stuff I’m talking about. No multi-episode arcs about dead brothers and lost memories because the girl is too toasty. No declining humanity suddenly scrounging up a space program from the ashes of civilization to send a pair of -lets face it- now outdated satellites back to the cold and lonely reaches of space. Just good fun with great character development that truly means something and stays with the character for the rest of the episodes.

So I recommend this series but don’t take it too seriously. This is a show to be casually enjoyed with friends, maybe even playing a board game. There’s fanservice, clever humor and actual and realistic character development galore for everyone’s tastes and I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone. Even that Brony fellow.

Yes my friends that is the most beautiful pony of all. A baby unicorn. This is quantifiable the 3rd coolest part of the series behind the awesome character conflict of the goddess and Ichiko and the fanservice. MAYBE.

Buying it, but I’m waiting for a sale. 94/100

BTW OTP: RindouXKeita.