Little Busters, a Key production that sadly isn’t measuring up to my standard, but still it’s not bad.

The light hearted opening. I love you, let me count the ways.

All together now… AWWWWWWWWWw

ah Kurogami, your cool dismissal of everyone around you satisfies me and the requirement for an aloof smart girl. Yes, the formula is there but you stand above and it’s all so lovely.

I don’t know who that is. I think he’s her grandfather but really I’m not paying attention to details like last names. Or first names. Crazy easterners. Either way I only added it because it makes up about a sixth of all three episodes and is thus important. I bet he won’t show up again in any major capacity.

Arc words for her terrible and quite frankly fatal (not a pun, I’m serious here) attraction to denial. What happens if she marries riki and he dies? Does she preserve him and put him in the rocking chair to pretend he’s still alive? You see this is part of where it falls apart. It’s a straw house. The slightest spark, the slightest breath of a wolf, her mental state will fall apart. We’re lucky she hasn’t painted the walls with someone else’s blood.

Masato is awesome and would likely be very smart if he thought for a second. Which he did by getting away from a girl who’s flipping the buttered crazy crumpets like a pig five seconds from starvation. I also think her brother was a jackass. Full stop. He didn’t explain to her anything, neither did her parents. Heck, I knew about death long before I even left homeschool at the tender age of 8 and I am considered the most sheltered of my social group!

And award for quickest recovery goes to… THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! YAY!

Part of the problem with this arc is the fact that I feel that the emotional ‘first arc’ I’m expecting from Key productions is lacking. You might say “XEWLEER! Kanon had a mystical fox turning human and back” “Xewleer! Clannad had a comatose girl running about a school!” “Xewleer~ you stallion ~ how do you-” whoops not that one. Anyway.

The difference between them is the fact that it makes sort of sense. A fox loved a human so much it risked its life to turn into one. It’s romantic, it’s lovely, it’s fiction. Komari’s brother dies in the night, telling her it’s a dream. I can’t tell whether he’s a jerk or just denying the inevitable. Here’s the thing, no one seems to have gone to her and tried to explain death to her. I honestly don’t know how she got through it, staying the way she is while everyone in the know feels powerless.

I think what ticks me off the most is that people didn’t help her, and that she didn’t really chose her fate. While the foxgirl in Kanon and the coma-girl in clannad may have been unaware of their true fate, they sort of chose it, at least by default. The Foxgirl outright stated to know that her fate would be bad. The Coma-girl, through force of will that stripped her of her age, returned to haunt the school to find her big sister. Komari eats the fruit given to her by her brother and continuously not helped by her passive parents/authority figures/rest of family. She automatically becomes a passive character and isn’t as likeable. Something that would be better is to have her the victim of abuse (which she sort of is, thanks big bro) and thus in massive denial. Then Riki (who I have no idea who the ‘main girl’ is) is able save her from her abusive whoevers and bring her into the fold of little busters.

Sadly, though this will taint my viewing of the rest of the series. But this isn’t too bad, and I expect it to improve going forward (crystal ball says it does). Komari is just a minor character after this thank goodness.