Little Busters is an odd thing for me. I know it’s some sort of good. I just can’t really enjoy it. Clannad and Kanon are thoughtful, deep and very moving. They had deep characters with many layers. Even Jun and Sunohara (each quite idiotic) still had depths to them, Sunohara being a fricking well, especially when his sister and Tomoya is involved. I just feel that the characters don’t measure up. The plot doesn’t seem to measure up (there were stakes in K+C) and everything seems so… inconsequential? Oh well

I’m mostly in it for Kud-chan and Kurogane than anything else.

I have a hard time not laughing at the battles. It’s great stuff.

I wish I knew what Kyunsuke was in story. I’ve decided that he’s something of a ‘big-good’ for the series. He’s always on the ball and there for everyone. I don’t know if I like his character, but he’s not bad, just not rounded. I don’t know.