Unlimited Contract Works

A fool like me.

3/3 + 1.

There’s a different type of subtle brilliance with this series. With Horizon you have a mix of every genre, but here with Maoyuu, it’s more slice-of-life than anything. The catch is that the slice-of-life takes place in a medieval-fantasy world. This week we get the introduction of the Head Maid and the two serf sisters, all three of whom will be central to the “main” plot as we move forward. I find it interesting that Demon Lord criticizes the humans for being too “animal-like” but she still chose them to incorporate her experiment. Perhaps, the ignorance of the humans makes them more susceptible to take on new ideas?

Next week Female Knight makes her appearance.

P.S. I’m still unsure of what other shows I will be following, but rest assured if I’m not following a AAA show, Xewleer is. (Not counting sequels).