KUUUUUUDDDD! You’re the one bright light in this otherwise mediocre comedy.

Mysterious messages again, I think it’s Riki in his sleep.

A Rin centered episode. It’s alright, most of the funny events are in the background.

She’s got spunk, but I fear that her independence is only the length to her cellphone. To call Riki or Kyousuke (her brother). Either way, I worry that her only character comes from cats and shyness. I look forward to her character arc.

I hate every scene that has his narcolepsy. It’s overdramatised with slow motion and heart-wrenching music and everything else that just is meant to break the poor viewer’s heart. It’s meant to play on emotions, but really, fails for anyone, like me, who is non-invested into the characters. It’s like watching a play, but most people are the greek chorus and I’m the critic (I am).