SO CUUUUTTTEEEE. It’s a pity one of them is a flat character whose issues were resolved five seconds and never mentioned again… AWWWWW.

This was a pretty dull episode. It added the blue hair girl with the umbrella (I want to call her ninchinose) but while she certainly has presence, I’m not really getting why she’s here. In K and C, all major characters, and most minor ones, were somehow introduced, given names/quirks all within the first two episodes. I think this is her first real episode/mention beyond a sight or two.

Solved. No character growth. The rest of the episode is devoted to a terrible poem she likes because it makes her feel free. She fulfills the shy ‘sickly/thin’ girl in all Key works. Previously: Shiori (kanon) and Nagisa (the main girl of Clannad) fulfilled those roles.