yet again… awwwww Sadly, Rin could never match Kud in sheer cuteness.

IT”S A GHOST EPISODE. Usually I hate these episodes. They’re an excuse for the writers to bring out several ghost stories of, quite frankly, terrible ghost stories. This was actually one of the best ghost story episodes I’ve seen.


I think that Kengo is just as dumb as Masato, but hides it through discipline and kendo. Dumb luck too.

Little Busters is earning back street cred, but for how long. How long until they shoehorn in a tragedy? How long until they force Komari into another traumatic event? Or one of the other beautiful girls just to meet a quota set unnaturally high by Kanon and Clannad. Oh well. I’ll just have to grin and bear it. Lie back and think of Nagisa?