My first new show. I’m going to hold off my review: JUDGEMENT MONOLOGUE until about 3 episodes in. But let me tell you, this crap is good.

Girls. technology girls, sci-fi… and gratuitous butt shots. Eventually I’m going to do a post with just butt shots. That will show them.

Who’s this mysterious person? It’s her best friend. Yeah. Anyway, she’ll be motivation for later. I can’t wait to see how her character develops.

The little sister and crazed scientist introduced. Both excellent characters.

AN ENEMY! I knew it. Mysterious enemy only she can defeat. I like it, but I know it’s a little contrived. BUTT SHOT. (jk, what was I talking about?)

It’s too bright a show for a grandpa to die now. Oh well.

TRAGIC BACKSTORY! MYSTERY! uyessssss I’m so hooked. No sarcasm: Great stuff. Hope they continue it.

Her friend is shot down, a tech activates! TRANSFORM! lets do this thing!

Good episode. Surface is great I hope that the quality continues.