I’ve only got a few words to say, but I’ve had an awesome night.

I just got first place in a Cardfight Vanguard tournament. Played a Megacolony deck against a Tsukiyomi of considerable might. It was  an awesome feeling. Rivalry. Finally achieving something I set my heart too and never looked back. I’ve still got people to beat though, Ash for one, I’ve never beaten him in an official game. Chris, Blackstar, AJ others. It’s within my sight now. I played perfect games. My deck is balanced and ready. I only need to reach out my hand and grasp victory. Here’s how it went:

First match was against Novas. No mistakes on my part, but I must admit to barely getting through it, with all the stands.

Second match was against Allan’s Tsukiyomi. He won that one. I won the first game, lost the other two. Was a great match that came down to who got heal triggers more.

Third Match was against Angel Feather. Curb stomp, 2-0 my victory.

Fourth Match against the strongest or second strongest deck in vanguard, the Spectral Duke. Opponent became depressed and made mistakes. Not an honorable victory, but one none-the-less.

Fifth was the rematch against Allan. Imagine sword fighters having a life-or-death match. It came down to the most minute of mistakes. One misguard gave the game to me. I’ve done the same. I look forward to the day that I and my opponents have no misplays. It’s an awesome thought.

Either way, I’m glad I won. That’s really all I’ve got to say. I’m going to win more and more.