Dire Straits.

Regret nothing.

Unknown cards.

3/3 + 1. There’s quite a bit of brilliance with those show. Sure some shows like Maou, tend to be brilliant because they take a mature -more logical- approach, but Mondaiji (or Problem Children) wins out because of the level of cynicalness of its characters. We have our main man, who knows no fear, a rabbit-girl that knows too much and therefor fears too much, and then two girls; one of which is a sheltered ojou-sama and the other is a recluse that gets along with animals. Yes, I’m broadening them quite a bit, but with that kind of cast, you can imagine the good chemistry that goes on.

That aside, I’m really enjoying the world as well. It seems to be structured like a game (it reminds me of Disgaea actually), and I kind of enjoy the plot about helping the no-names (who doesn’t like an underdog story?). For now this show is going toe-to-toe with Maou.