A picture I feel represents the series. A playful romp, but it goes somewhere. Maybe my favorite new show for the season.

The bird is hilarious. He’s so dignified yet he participates in such cheap tricks, taunting Tamako. Yet he’s very kind in many regards to others. Often, he’ll do something completely crazy (to the main character) but it moves into a move that helps out one of the other main characters, especially a female.

I love this guy.

I honestly don’t know why he did that.

I think that he was genuinely distressed that her mother died, and feared that she was sad about it. He just had to do it flamboyantly.

An is my second favorite character so far. She’s sort of serious, but at the same time she’s got a bit of a silly streak. It’s a silly seriousness. Yes, it is entirely silly, but it’s serious business being silly.

NOOO my main character nearly died! I’d still watch it anyway, just for An. There’s the proof that he’s the emissary for his prince, to find a wife for him. I like that idea a lot. Even though it’s not a western idea, I still feel that, for some people, it would be a better idea than just randomly going out and finding a bride. Oh well.

Great show, I’m watching the entirety.