Ah, GJ-bu. I have no idea what GJ-bu means, but hey, I’m loving it.

This show is the perfect sort of school council thing. Admittedly, I get bored by high school shows, unless they are very good, I don’t really keep up with them. For example: I have no friends. It’s a good show, but it can’t keep my interest as I feel that there should be some sort of development, but none arrive. This show doesn’t have that, and instead relies on what I call a 4koma short, a short skit that would easily fit in one or two 4koma comics. It’s pretty great.

A hyper-active- with a hint of violence- president, a calm ever loving caretaker and the main character: A calm everyman who can take a lot of violence. You also have your smart girl and action girl. I like how they did it. Shion is pretty calm, but I love the little quirks. My favorite is Kirara though. She’s the cat girl, constantly eating, with a hilarious sense of her place. Below the everyman and above the president.

She’s terrifying. Calm, collected, and the most likely one of them to be a Strangler.

Ah yes. I understand the sentiment. I want to eat them too.

Great series, but I don’t think it’s my favorite. Tamako Market is. Barely. It’s mostly because even though Shion is pretty fine, I feel that her character is derivative of characters like that Little Busters chick and Chizuru from Seitokai. I’m sure there’s some sort of ‘proto’ dark haired super smart girl, but I don’t really get the uber-mensch implications and why they aren’t usually considered mary sues. Chizuru and the little Busters chick are various types of troll, both in love with the everyman character. They distinguish themselves, but really their characters are quite similar. Shion is different in that she’s completely socially incompetent and out of it world-wise, and is never seen interact with anyone she doesn’t know face to face. Not as much of a troll either.

I like this show, either way. I should do a study of dark haired trolling smart girls.

Edit: That’s actually how the light novel was written. Each story is four pages long. Huh.