3 years earlier… time for some backstory. OOOOHHH YISSSSS.

I really liked this episode. It went into one of the lesser focused characters. I always sort of liked her, as she seems to be the one with a lot having been lost in the past and sort of keeps it to herself. Old guy seems to have long accepted his fate, the young guy copes, even if it sort of cracks, he knows what could happen to him. She hasn’t really demonstrated anything like that, except being a little pissed off.

We are introduced to the character that caused her to fall, but open her eyes. Question: Is Rin associated with Makishima? Maybe, she’s got a very similar MO, but less about the lulz, but about the freeing of the people from Sybil through music. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s killed though.

Ah the mad place. Here’s something I don’t understand about the sybil system. They don’t really differentiate between the mad and the merely anarchistic. Honestly, I think that sybil purposely put her away to prevent her ‘loss’. Eventually, with enough brainwashing, she’d return to Sybil’s grasp. Honestly, Makishima is a jerk who brings out the murderer in all of us, but Sybil protects, yet so often struggles against true creativity. If it merely put away the mad people that would be well and good, but so many are perfectly sane, yet odd. I wonder if she did something.

I also like how there’s a separation between pro-sybil and anti-sybil… like… a class. I.E. lower classes and upper classes. My goodness.

A slightly sadistic choice. She will not be free, no matter what. There’s just a choice. Does she want to rot? Or become a zombie under the service of sybil. I’d chose Zombie too.

One last choice. She makes the decision to abandon the one reason she likely stayed sane all the time she spent in the mad house.

Great episode. I can’t wait for the next arc. A reminder, I go by arc, rather than episode. Since this episode was an arc of its own, it gets its own episode.