A lot of dialogue. I’d add it to the next couple, but 15-16 is spread thinner than margarine over toast. Not that anyone will get the metaphor.

Yeah. Not much to say. Just watch the pretty pictures.

I honestly don’t like Mamoru. He doesn’t have a spine or anything. that’s rather annoying too me. We have Satoru, shin… and Mamoru, who I thought was a girl until people started using the pronoun ‘he’. (jap version, of course). So yeaaaah. I kinda hope he dies some time.

Now I wonder who are the real villains. Besides Squealer (is anyone really surprised? Pete’s sake) there is also the powerful and somewhat extreme. It’s dangerous for them to have such a peaceful society and yet assume that it will work out. As we know, relying on a sentient and oppressed sub-species is a terrible idea that will definitely come back to haunt.

I like granny reiko. She’s very cool. Faze cats. As pets. Good stuff. She’s also the one who really understands what the world really needs and how it works. It’s a matter of perspective?

hot dang! That’s older than Abraham right there. So we’ll be back tomorrow with 15-16