One of the bad things about this show is that they don’t time things right. 2 episodes has a lot of important stuff in it, but the time is off and it’s spread thin. Yakumaru, the queen, the Goat moths and the letter and return could have been done very quickly, BUT I know that this is tempered by the quickly approaching time skip. So whatever. The art direction for the faces of the characters are getting better and Yakumaru is still a bastard so what do I care?

Here’s the thing. They KNOW Squealer is up to something. They KNOW everything’s topsy turvy. BUT they don’t do anything about it. Why don’t they do anything about it? I don’t know. Maybe they forgot? This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that stabs people in the back later.

Yeah. Maria’s going to try to destroy the village later. Didn’t even need to see the promo for episode 18.

FYI. I completely skipped the dream sequence. It was gratuitous. But there was something there, Shun? Who tried to say something.

I agree mysterious boy. I agree.