Mole rats. I knew it. What about mice, what about hamsters, what about rabbits? I dunno about their scientist ancestors.

Either way. The distribution of the power of the colonies. Obviously advantage lies with Kiroumaru, but I’m sure that Yakomaru has a crapton up his sleeve. It’s almost tragic. Kiroumaru is one of the strongest and noblest of the queerrats, and yet they are kept down even as Yakomaru gathers much power.

The fools don’t realize the Queerrats spend most of their time doing the busy work. If they lose the advantage of loyal troops because Yakomaru is OBVIOUSLY EVIL. Look at his bling. But oh well. I don’t think they can even comprehend losing to the queerrats.

Ah Kiroumaru, keeping it classy.

can’t wait for the next episode.