A shorter post than normal, but I figure I’d take some time out to mention a few things regarding the recent Mihli Lilty X Esper changes in the Rise of the Nadir story arc.

Through a recent drafting of the story, I’ve decided to add a more active role for Espers in the world. I mean if the Church, Magicians, Dragons, Super-Humans, Immortals etc can have huge roles, why can’t Espers?

It’s long been established that Mihli Lilty is an Esper and quite possibly the strongest one at that. We’ve sort of kept this phenomenon in check by making it so she only is so powerful in a berserk state. And in the story, the only time she reaches such a state, she decimates half of the sky island of Espada Reid.

Well to discuss some of the changes, first off the 11th Chair in the Council of E -the ruling Esper group on Espada Reid-, Pyth is going to prophesize about Mihli’s 3 possible futures during separate sequences in the story.

The 3 prophecies are called:

  1. Queen of Calamity – Queen of Espers that would wage war against all of humanity.
  2. Wayward Goddess – Whimsical and to her own agendas.
  3. Rebellious Empress – Human Empress that would go against normal conventions.

I don’t want to delve too much into them right now, but they basically are what I stated and most of the motives the Council of E has is fueled by the information that she could be their Messiah.

The other little tidbit I’ve added is the organization, H.E.S.R.O.D. They officially appear with the arrival of a Task Officer named Ligel to Espada Reid after the incident with Mihli going berserk and are introduced as the force backing Espada Reid and most Espers within the outer Fifth Swell in general.

Not much to say here but tiny bits, overall I am just increasing the role of Espers in the World and their presence in the story to setup for the New World arc.