Another episode of Vividread Operation. I still haven’t decided that it’s cleverly parodying the magical girl genre or playing the magical girl genre straight. All I know is that it is entirely self-aware and post-modern, and thus automatically brilliant. Maybe.

A second transformation sequence in two episodes? Now we’re cooking with gasoline. This is completely awesome. It’s kind of cute, but I always think that they are taking this whole thing a bit too well. Is this the first post-modern anime?

I love stories where the ‘normals’ of military form up to help the super powers. It’s sort of inspiring. In a different world, they’d all die horrible, honorable deaths.

Here’s why I think it’s entirely self-aware. There are so many things they do that are played straight yet are done so with such panache I can’t take it. BREAST COOLING APPARATUS!

I will never complain about the art on this show, but I feel the CG things they do are entirely sub-par. Which I find odd. BREAST COOLING APPARATUS.

Another great episode.