Our first view of An and Tamaki’s mother. She seems a classy lady.

I really liked this episode. This time An gets a day in the spotlight. I think that she’s a very good child character. She’s not above acting selfishly, and trying to get out of work, but she’s still a good kid. She’s so cute. If I could get an anime family going, I’d have Kirara from GJ-bu as my wife and An as my daughter. That chill looking mofo as my son. That dude is mad chill.

I think the strength of Tamako market isn’t Tamako, but rather Tamako’s relations to her friends and family.

That chill looking mofo is back. He’s so cool looking and chill. I’d just like to slam some wicked elixir and talk philosophy with him.

LOOK AT THAT CHILL MOFO. He is so sweet on her he’s got moves like a boss. He knows that being all chill is the way into An’s heart. He’s straight pimpin. Chill mofo. Awwww yeah.

A really great episode.