Hello again, back with another post regarding The World. I’ve been in the mood to do these lately and by end of May/beginning of June this year I’m hoping to have the wiki be at 2,000 articles. It’ll be a daunting task, but I’m hoping Xewleer will help along the way. Moving on, the focus of this post will have us shift toward the New World era; more specifically Mireille Di Lilty, Mihli Lilty‘s first daughter.

The New World era marks an important time period for The World.  Among other things, we have the resurgence of Faceless Ones, the return of Dragons, and the appearance of new empires.

In particular Mireille’s story, whom I will refer to as Bathory from hence on, involves the Faceless Ones appearing in the Fifth Swell, a segmented area in the sky full of sky islands. An area called Crown Polaris sits atop the Swell, teetering between the upper Fifth and lower Fourth Swells. Here the sky island of Halidon Ysil has been the prison of the Faceless Lord Mor Graypel for over a millennia.

Long story short, the creature is partly released and assumes control of a man named Inogo setting the stage for Doubt the World.

Doubt the World Prologue:

When Bathory is five years old, her father, Levant Di Altair, is killed by Inogo under the possession of Mor Graypel. She inherits his sword, the Emperium Calibrand, and devotes most of her life to fighting the Faceless Ones. After Mor Graypel invades Estel and kills Mihli Lilty, Mireille sought the help of Lycoris of Index Liborium. Under Minerva‘s guidance, Lycoris sends Mireille back in time before Levant’s death and the awakening of Mor Graypel. She arrives during the Era of the New World with the Providence Mask and her Emperium Colibrand and subsequently dons the alias, Bathory Altair.

Unfortunately for Bathory, Inogo -still controlled by Mor Graypel’s spirit from the future- follows her back to the past. Bathory must prevent Mor Graypel’s awakening, save her father, and defeat Inogo.

I’m not sure how I’ll go from here, but it certainly is an interesting start to a new story arc. And if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s making interesting beginnings. I have some obsession with Time Travellers, which I’ll prob discuss in another post down the line, but something made me want to give Bathory the position as one. I also enjoy the idea of going back to save your parents, though I’ll admit the idea is “romantic” but in practice it probably isn’t so.

Bathory’s story however doesn’t just involve her and her family, I’ve made an effort to have every story arc expand on bits of the world. For example, her sword the Emperium Colibrand has origins with the Dragon Queen. The story of that encounter has more to do with Levant, as the sword Bathory has; was inherited. To those wondering, when she goes back in time, both swords will exist in the same timeline (which is what gives Levant and a bunch of other characters the initial hint that Bathory is an ally).

As for the name, I’ve really fallen in love with the name Bathory. I tend to like many of my female names (Nolne, Mihli, Tash, Barumei, Kliele, Emery etc just to name a few) and try to make their stories a bit special. Bathory is no exception and I’m working hard to make her play an important role in the New World era. What this means is her role will “bleed” into other story arcs of the era, where she will play supporting characters or perhaps even an antagonist.

Well that’s a bit of rambling about the Doubt the World story arc and Bathory Altair. Till next time.