Little Busters is a show about friends, and it got real trippy real fast.

I know Little Busters is purported to be good. I’m not really so sure. It’s got a lot of dramatic moments that don’t really have tension. I get this is supposed to be dramatic, but I’ve not really felt it. For all of the dramatic music and animation, it doesn’t make me feel anything. Just sort of… I know this will somehow turn out well, I can’t see the stakes or the dramatic twist. Kanon had characters die and try to commit suicide in scenes that have stuck with me ever since I’ve seen them. Clannad had drama and romance. The scene where all the girls realize that Tomoya only had eyes for Nagisa was amazingly done to the point I actually felt sorry for the characters. I don’t think Little Busters has the same quality. I don’t feel sorry for Mio or what’s his name. Ryunnosuke? (no that’s the redhead) I think that missing quality is the main failure of Little Busters.

Midori is an interesting character. She’s trying to be her own person, but you sort of get the feeling that Midori is just trying to hard. She’s the only character I find interesting for reasons I’ll not spoil yet. She’s the smiling sad clown. She wants to be a character.

I don’t really know what Ryuunosuke does for the story. He’s there and he defines the rules, but he’s not really active in the story. He’s certainly ancillary to the main dude. Whatever the hell his name is. I don’t really feel that’s fair. Tomoya and Yuicchi were more or less their own person. They were complicated characters driven by motivations of loss and regret, rather than vague nakama feelings that really don’t drive the plot. Ryunosuke isn’t a character you can relate too. He’s a nebulous being that’s somewhere around an angelic messenger. Everyone respects him, nobody really satisfyingly explains what he is but still the leader of the school.


MIDORI IS THE FEVER DREAM OF MIO. There, I said it. A girl with an anxiety disorder and perhaps a mild autism in the high functioning spectrum dreams up an imaginary friend. It’s aight. But what is up with the Japanese Medical system, it’s almost as if they do nothing realistic for children with disabilities, like they consider them less than human…

I’m not going to lie, I really hate most of Japanese modern culture.

Here’s where it gets trippy. Mio turned into a seagull. This would work in Kanon, no clannad though. There’s no real ‘magic’ in Little Busters. There’s no real precedence for this. I’m not going to lie. I had to watch this like three times to get it.

Yep. There it is in all it’s glory. Woohoo. I miss Midori already.

I guess we’re moving on to dark haired chick, purple haired chick, or if I’m lucky, a Kud episode.