Ideals and theories are not ends but means. People live to use that which they were born with.

They are unable to resist the temptation to use those things, both to overcome and survive.

Today I’m rambling a bit on the Esper Rebellion that takes place decades before Mihli Lilty‘s Rise to Power.

Since my last post involving Espers, I’ve since increased their roles a bit and even delved into history.

Originally, Espers would kinda of just “appear” during the Rise of the Nadir arc and it was explained that they were reclusive and that’s why not much had been heard of them before. With the new changes, I’ve decided to implement their history a bit with Estellion‘s history.

Some decades before Mihli, someone (not named at this time) in the Estellion hierarchy sees the Espers as potential weapons. You must realize that the Fifth Swell Espers (the ones we usually talk about) are a result of genetic mutations that occur due to the crystals rising and forming sky islands prior to Imperial Year 1. This mutation wasn’t instant and it took thousands of years for it emerge as Esper abilities.

The classification for Espers as a sub-species of humans actually began with their institutionalization into the Estellion military structure. I’m not sure which dynasty/era of Estellion I want to place this in, but it seems best to have it during a time the empire was truly united. (The House Lilty page gives a brief glimpse at the changing of Estellion  rulers, though like many pages it is unfinished.)

Anyways to get us back on topic, the Estellion Esper Research Institute was established shortly after their incorporation into the military by a man (unnamed at this point) seeking to classify powers. This is around the time that terms such as Psychometry etc start to appear as well.

Things were not all well for Espers however, as they were still widely discriminated against both from within and outside the military. Special Esper only units were given black operations tasks and this cost a great number of them their lives; though the ones that survived learned to harness their abilities better as a result. This increasing alienation among their military peers and the discrimination faced in public resulted in the Esper Rebellion years later.

The Esper Rebellion was crushed after a bloody military suppression campaign and many went into hiding. Children born as Espers became victims of infanticide for many years afterward. However, by Mihli’s time Espers were largely forgotten or not deemed a matter of importance any longer. Perhaps I’ll talk about  the Rebellion in its own post down the line as there’s certainly many things to say. Or maybe I’ll delve into Mihli’s predicament as an Esper born into royalty.

For now, Ash signing out.