Another great episode with Kurotaki in the forefront.

I love Vividred, I like how they have complex characters while having that wondrous sense of child like wonder and near lunacy. I was not a happy or sane child.

ooooh dark chick given dark powers by a potentially evil otherworldly source.

And then they ruin it with gun panties. So close vividred. So close. But for a girl without powers she’s pretty badass.

I kind of get the feeling Rei likes the group, but not the close personal contact they get all up in. Great character development for Akane.

I actually thought that Akane’s mother had died in the explosions. This is actually something I’m glad happened.

I really enjoyed this episode, it seemed like a lot of development went on with the characters. Akane’s story especially, and Rei’s backstory too. Good stuff.