We’re about half way into the season and I guess I should talk about it.

I’m an anime snob. I can’t enjoy anime very easily. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s almost as if perceived imperfections, if they are not balanced or exceeded by excellence in other ways, drives me into a frothing rage. This isn’t really a good thing, but I can’t relax my standards, it requires a massive and exhausting mental effort.

Fortunately for you lot, I do not hate a single show.

Vividread: Heck yes. An awesome, almost post-modernly, self aware show that is quite comfortable in its own skin. From the makers of Strike Witches (Which I need to see some time) comes a so-far light-hearted magical girl show that brings a smile to my face even as I count the uncountable gratuitous butt shots. 9/10 -1 because there simply are not enough butts to go around for me. I need more butts. But less underage butts. It’s getting ridiculous.

Tamako Market: Cream of the crop and the gem of the season. a bird is sent on a mission to find a bride for his prince. He runs into Tamako and her quirky friends and proceeds to set in motion plans to solve their problems or bring them closer. I have yet to find a flaw in this show. It all just works so well together. The writing is punchy and free flowing. The animation is inspired. 10/10. Because yes. Yes.

GJ-bu: A comedy with little to lose and a thousand tropes to poke fun at. Taking from such staples as Seitokai no Ichizon and EVERY OTHER PSUEDO-HAREM STUCO SHOW IN EXISTENCE, it wields its own brand of humor in short ‘4 koma’ style of punchy and stylized gags, it stands above in pure comedy value and excellent art. 7.5/10 Some of the gags are a bit long winded and unfunny and lets not beat around the bush, several of the characters are derivative of other works.

Xewleer OUT