Awwww, the maid wants to get him a harem of underaged girls. How sweet.

One of the few things I don’t like about GJ-Bu is the inactivity of the protagonist. While this show doesn’t need a dynamic main character, there are certain things about Kyolo that just sort of drives me crazy about him. He’s stuck with a bevy of hot and interested girls (who are actively going about ensuring he won’t have to choose between them, I’m for kirira) and he can’t do anything. But then again, this isn’t really one of those stories. So many Japanese comedy anime, I’ve found, aren’t about the hero’s journey, but rather about the events in his life. I’ve got problems with it, personally. Not so much from the day to day things, but even a show like American Dad occasionally gives the sociopathic main character a rare moment of clarity and self-introspection. I sort of wish they would do that about Kyroro.

GJpan1See this. They sort of want Kyoro to be a masculine man. They want a dominant guy who they know is nice on the inside. Kyoro, for all his claims of desiring adventure, is a polite push over.

GJpan2That actually made me laugh. Of course Mao would believe in Santa. What Japanese girl wouldn’t believe in a western Christian saint? I’ve found the westernization of Japan weird.

GJPAN3Mori the maid is my second favorite character. Hands down. She’s the most obvious in liking Kyoro and I believe is actually working to make his romantic entanglements happen. I still can’t figure out what they see in Kyolo. Unless he is incredibly well endowed, I do not think they like him on the basis that he is a nice guy, only. Ah well, the skits are still funny.