I recently decided to take a break from my blogging series and watch K. You can find it all on hulu, btw. Spoilers ahoy!

K is a good series. It’s solid, without any major weakness and has excellent animation. It is mostly insubstantial, however, and suffers from lacking a strong enough villain. I would say that it is near to a fluffy eclair than it is to a cake like Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. Because food metaphors man. Food metaphors.

http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Suoh-Mikoto-339597952 Strangely, besides the background and maybe the pose, this is a good example of the art and how the powers interact

Some good points: K’s artstyle is the strongest thing going for it. The characters are all distinctive in design, memorable and nearly unique in many cases. Certain archetypes still raise their head, like the domineering, big breasted, lawful blond officer of a police force. Or the hot headed punk (to be fair, he is in a gang of hot headed punks) but do not detract from the enjoyment of the fluidity. The action sequences are well choreographed and didn’t make me feel like I was watching the same old type of fights action animes sometimes find themselves doing. Mikoto’s design and fights are particularly good, as they play on his leonine character and explosive fiery power. The Kings, in general, seem to have been given extra budget, as well as their respective troops, as I always knew who was on whose side.

Another great point is the undercurrent that this is just one story. There have been 60-100 years since ww2 and Weisman’s ascendance to kingship, and it feels like there have been wars and fights between the kings for ages. The gold and blue kings’ meeting was a particular point, as figurative planets were hurled at each other as a test of power.

Yet another boon to my view of the series, is the character interactions. The characters act lively, animatedly and believably. People’s emotions show properly on their face in the best timing. (SHINSEKAI!) Laughter seems real, not just by the sounds, but on the faces of the characters. Neko’s emotional animation really got to me, as they were able to handle the cat like grace and translated it to human movement masterfully. I really felt empathy for the character. Betrayal, sadism and loyalty weren’t spoken, I saw it in their eyes. Their actions drew me in.

One of the distractions was the lack of villainous character development. We know who he is, what he is up to, but beyond his mad grab for power he’s rather one dimensional. While a villain does not need to have irons in all the fire, it would be nice to know he’s more involved. Even his plan seemed faulty, as the seventh and weakest king expected to take over the other six kings, when the first and most powerful Silver king does just fine outwitting him and capturing him. Even Mikoto curbstomps him in the battle of the mind. Point is: He’s not a threat. The dynamic of Mikoto vs the Blue King, and Shiro trying to figure out what the heck happened to him were more interesting. However, K is not really all that bad without it. I feel that if they had gone with a more active villain, it might rank higher in my mind.

I actually felt something when certain characters died. That is a feat. A FEAT.

I am pleased to hear of a second season, and I hope it is better, or at least as good as, the first. Most second seasons rot halfway through, see Gundam OO and Code Geass R2. But I’m optimistic, just not getting panties in a twist for it.

Positives: Character and Character design, animation, voice acting, emotional and actional verisimilitude. Just all round good.

Would buy if on sale, or not for more than 20 bucks.