War and Conflict.

Sixth Sense.

Warrior’s Last Request.

Lonely Hero.

3/3 +1. After over a whole month of not touching this series, I’ve decided to go back and do some catch up. Maoyuu isn’t a bad show; in fact it’s a GREAT show, but for whatever reasons -I haven’t been watching it.

Hero finally returns from his duty and the war effort is proceeding rather smoothly, thanks to his, female knight, and crimson scholar’s work. There’s a bit of inner conflict here as Crimson Scholar is having a tough time allowing some of her subjects (demons) to die so the Winter Nation can attain self-sufficiency. I it’ll probably come back to haunt her or be used as a central plot against her when the humans find out she is a demon. Then what will most likely be the case is that both sides sans-hero/maids/female knight will turn on her.