I must reject.

There is light.

I am human.

3/3 + 1. The best episode of this series. The speech by Older Sister Maid under the disguise of Crimson Scholar takes most of the episode, but the impact it delivers is nothing short of moving and inspiring. We are human because we have freedom and that freedom allows us to change ourselves, to strive to improve, and be better. No matter if you are born as a serf, peasant, or noble; you are all given this freedom and it is up to you to decide what to do with it. Are you an insect who lets others decide for you? Or are you the master of your own choices?

“I must declare that I am human.
Because I believe the first step to being human is to say you are.
You must never stop wishing, hoping, thinking, and working!
We are not perfect, but we have the freedom to keep bettering ourselves everyday.
So don’t relinquish your freedom just to make your own life easier.
I am human.
Because there is hope.
Perhaps you must do things to protect yourself and your family in this cruel world.
I will not blame you for that.
The freedom to choose also belongs to you, as a human.
But if you would do things just because someone orders you to, then you are an insect!
You are an insect without a will of your own, for you have given your freedom to choose to someone else and have ceased to think.
No matter how much peace that brings to you, anyone who abandons that freedom is no better than an insect.
I despise insects.
I refuse to become one.
I am human!”