Yes. This is 33% of the show in a nutshell. The other thirds are friendship and butts.

Alright. Vividread, decent show. Obsessed with girl butts.

Vividread is a sci-fi show about friendship. and butts. The main characters are color coded for your pleasure and ease of use. No, you may not remember their names, but you’ll be able to describe it like this.

First episode

So the energetic red haired girl is friends with a demure blue haired girl. Blue haired girl is showing up, but before that happens, the grandfather scientist transfers his soul, somehow, to a stuffed animal to try to create a key. Meanwhile, a monster called an ‘alone’ shows up and tries to destroy the manifest reactor something something something that all the world depends on. Red girl saves blue girl by transforming into a sci-fi magical girl based on technology. Then they kiss after red girl and blue girl figure out their friendship. They turn into a big blue girl called Vivid blue or something. Mysterious Black haired girl hits the Alone with a power-up. The heroines beat the monster and everything fine… UNTIL NEXT EPISODE.”

The butts are quite subtle here.

I’m being a bit too harsh. Vividread is a good show. I’ve thought about it, and while the characters and villains and everything IS as circular as a redneck’s family tree. Where it shines isn’t the variety, but in the overall execution, Vividread might be brilliant, in its own way. Vividread isn’t a subversion of anything, except for the techno-magical girl thing. It plays itself more or less straight the entire series. This isn’t Madoka magica here.

What’s good about the show? It’s actually quite fresh. It’s got plenty of action, decent characterization that would stand up without the color coding. The dialogue and voices were high quality and varied enough that even I, who can’t remember a single voice actor/actress from Japan except the famous Aya Hirano from my early days with Suzumiya Haruhi (oh how the mighty have fallen). Point is, it’s pretty impressive.

One of the detraction is the animation. They use a metric crapton of cost saving techniques. All. THE. TIIIIMMMMMEE! (KHAN!) This wouldn’t be so bad if they used, say, a two picture loop, three picture or something. One scene about episode 7, there’s a scene 1-2 minutes long, the only thing moving is a 3 picture mouth. Seriously. There is plenty of opportunity for an active scene with just a couple more frames. Instead, while something that wasn’t being plot relevant was being said, nothing happened. My eyes were bored, is what I’m saying. Also when they use CG, it wasn’t hidden very well. And they will use CG whenever they can. Otherwise, the animation is great. It’s colorful. It’s wonderful. It makes me feels happy.

The fan art doesn’t have any butts. This is always a problem. Vivid Green. Samurai stuff.

The ending is also excellent. The mysterious Black haired girl is dealt with nicely and friendship wins. For thirteen episodes, not bad at all. Third best show I’m JUDGEMENT MONOLOGUE this week.



Would I pay for it? no. It has to be pretty cheap for me to want to buy it. The show is ultimately a parade of interesting animations and butt shots. SO MANY BUTT SHOTS.






Butts. My work here is done.