The main girls. Kirara, Megumi, Mao, Shion, Tama. I only have eyes for Kirara and Geraldine!

GJ-bu. Kirara Cat-girl. Very nice indeed. Sadly otherwise forgettable.

Gj-Bu is the story of a high school group that has fun. There it is. That’s all this is. There isn’t any over arching plot that I can tell. There’s just the group. This can be handled well, or poorly. They nearly failed on many accounts.

Gj-Bu is written like a ‘4-koma’ unlike similar shows like Seitokai no Ichizon. The show doesn’t depend on a story arc hidden by a series gag reels. Rather, it is one of the truer slice of life shows currently around. Side Characters like Mori, Geraldine and Tama only add flavor to the bland main cast, with character quirks that keep me watching, even as I completely forget the names of every main character but Kirara.

KIIIIRRRAAARRAAAA! Why doesn’t deviant art have more art of GJ-Bu?

The main problem isn’t the writing, it’s the GENERICNESS of the entire thing. Where as shows like Seitokai have interesting angles with the guy out right stating he wants a harem. Kyoro is sort of there. It’s never really explained what the GJ-Bu club does. I understand that it’s some sort of social club for some elites of the school, but I can’t really see it. Seitokai was the student council and student with the best grades. Haruhi had all the poor sods that she forced/drew into joining. What I’m missing here is a bit of context that would really help me figure¬† out why I should care.

The main characters don’t help. For all the interaction and occasional clever writing, I had a hard time enjoying it. Most of the characters are characters rather than, say humans. There’s the ‘motherly’ girl, there’s the cute and energetic leader girl, there is the ineffectual guy, there’s the cat like girl, there’s the rich, smart and beautiful dark haired girl. They are just so bland. It got so bad that I looked forward to when other characters showed up. Suddenly there was this green haired girl, I sort of liked her, but the series ended before I could figure her out. The subtleties were not there. The writer slapped together things that would sell for the main characters, then stuck the real brilliance with side characters.

The ineffectual guy is the one that annoys me the most of them all. Besides moments, like when he becomes a ‘real man’ or his skill in combing hair (he is redic, it’s near sexual for them when he does it) he is otherwise not any different from most ‘ineffectual generic audience persona protagonists’. These are the most common character in all of animedom. You set up a male character. You strip away anything that might offend ‘Otaku’ like being a real man or actually taking control of his life. You then put him on a journey of self-improvement, started by a mysterious girl who dropped into his life. In harem anime of a ‘static’ nature like GJ-Bu, you don’t really get the character development that would otherwise be present in a plot driven series. That means that for guys like me, who look for character development drawn out through out the series, I have to sort of accept it, and my enjoyment is low. Some people aren’t affected, but it’s a slightly lazy way of writing. My take on a good harem guy is best seen in Utawarerumono, active, accepting, but not a fool.

The cat-like girl is the only one that really pops. Unlike ‘cutesy’ or ‘violent’ types of cat-girl, she’s quite passive. She’s seen constantly eating and sitting around. Sort of like a real cat. What makes her refreshing is that she’s together and above the action. Whereas Kyolo would talk to Shion about the gags that 1. about her intelligence, 2. her lack of knowledge about commoners. (See Host club for best example) 3. her romantic connection to good ole Kyolo. Kirara is sort of just there. Unlike the rest of them, she’s both obvious about her attraction to Kyolo and her love of family. She’s a definite person with unique traits and a fresh take on the cat girl character that kept me watching until the secondary characters show up.

Secondary characters are the true shining star of this series.

MOOORRRIII SAN, why can’t you be my maid!?

Mori: A maid (or a family of female maids) that shows a distinct attraction for Kyolo and always twirls for him. She’s a bit smarter than many of her masters, but loyal. I like her because she’s aware of what’s going on, and thus seeks enjoyment in her situation.

Geraldine: A calm and feminine sister of Kirara. She’s can’t speak japanese yet, but she’s still quite friendly and is something that I’d call “Silk hiding steel” being a foreigner, she has no problem showing an elbow of love to her friends. She’s one of my favorite characters.

The GJ-BU crusaders: Including Geraldine, these are the younger siblings of Kyolo, Kirara and Mao (finally remember the energetic main girl’s name).¬† They are the energetic and quirky beauties that made it all worthwhile. Mao’s youngest sister is quite dark and funny, with a ‘cursed’ face mask that resents Kyolo’s affect on her sister. I’ve already discussed my opinion of Geraldine. Lastly is the brother complexed little sister of Kyolo.

Over all, nothing really makes me feel that GJ-Bu is a cut above it’s peers over everything. But it’s still quite a good show. I have very high standards that I apply to everything, and this is not a bad series. Would I buy it? On sale. But like a ten dollar sale. Dubs.

yes. Mao’s one thing that sets her apart. freaking. BITING. BITING.