If you’ve gotten this far, you are probably wondering, why this blog is called “All You Are”? Well the reason being “All You Are” has a special meaning to it, but basically what I was going for is: “What makes me, me.” Who I am, who my authors are, and the world through our eyes.

It’s a rather simple concept that has this artistic air to it.

Without further ado, the authors of this blog:


I’d like to consider myself a very tolerant person and I’m told I am by my co-workers.  I have strong views on how love and life should be handled, but I’m very laid back. I’m not much of a writer, as evident by my poor punctuational and grammatical skills, rather I’m more of a creator. I have many ideas and thoughts in my mind at all times, but it’s often hard to convey them into the correct words.

Reach me either through


Minxxisminxx a.k.a. Minxx

A silly guy I’ve known for a few years, easy to work with, and at times seems like life slaps him on the face. On Hiatus.


Gamer, Otaku, or just plain old octopus lover? just who is inky? On Hiatus, joined the US Navy.


Residential know it all and thinker who loves to write. Big on religious and historical knowledge in particular.


All American movie enthusiast. Lover of movies and lives the stereotypical American wild life. On Hiatus, has since joined US Air Force.


Dark, danky, and a facebook junkier. On Hiatus.


The rational techie and gamer. On Hiatus.


Tactful and realist writer. On Hiatus.

Special Categories

I’ve Sound – Talk, discussing, and stream sampling of music (usually through youtube).

“When the sound was born, I had already decided what kind of lyrics, what kind of message it would have.”

Shop Talk – The World : Discussion, evaluation, and design notes about “The World.” –which, without delving too deeply is a fantasy/sci-fi-ish fictional world that we created with many references to today’s modern visual culture.

Afterword – Mainly features Visual Entertainment and our thoughts on a series or movie that we’ve watched.

Post Script – Thoughts on real world events, issues, etc.

Freezeframe – Freezing a moment from something and thinking a bit about it. Either directly or abstractly.

Anime Scribbles – Screenshot laiden impressions or talk of an ongoing anime series.

Weekend Wrap – End of week posts to detail goings of the past.



This is a community blog, as many of our writers are MIA etc, if you’d like to write for the blog, drop me an email.