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The Con

Its Been a While since I last made a post  but I think I can throw some things together.

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In the Beginning…

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Yeah, I went camping.  Big deal.  So what?  Wanna fight about it!?  Anyway, there are but a few things to highlight from this venture that, being the city kid I am, found amusing.

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Favorite Video Game From Childhood

I was just wondering what are some of the games from your childhood that you guys will never forget?

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Well, I post, you read, it’s all good~

Not really.  I can’t think of much to post about, so I’ll pull something out of my ass.

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Hey, Shade here =)

Hi whoever is reading this. My first post is gunna be talking about and introducing myself. I am crazy or insane even, my imagination will blow your mind… other than that I’m an average high school student… in my opinion.

I enjoy most things nerds / geeks would. My main game is World of Warcraft, I play a blood elf rogue of the horde on [US] Vashj Server. I also enjoy Little Big Planet and many other games. I don’t currently own an Xbox 360… I would like one but money is a problem for me.

Hoopty’s First Post

For my first post i decided to go with what I’ll be seeing next week the highly anticipated Public Enemies.  In my opinion it’s looking to be the best movie of the year.  I love both Michael Mann director of Heat and Johnny Depp so I know I wont be disappointed!

My Guild

Hey guys it’s Minxx again. And I’m going to talk about my WoW guild and how it’s going to hell.

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First Post

Hey guys.  It’s Inky.

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