The main girls. Kirara, Megumi, Mao, Shion, Tama. I only have eyes for Kirara and Geraldine!

GJ-bu. Kirara Cat-girl. Very nice indeed. Sadly otherwise forgettable.

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Yes. This is 33% of the show in a nutshell. The other thirds are friendship and butts.

Alright. Vividread, decent show. Obsessed with girl butts.

Continue reading Shun. He disappears about halfway through. It’s quite dramatic and Saki’s emotions are hilarious.

IT’S TIME… for Shin Sekai Yori, from the new world.

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Well, Psycho Pass is over and watched. Time to talk about it.

Continue reading Every single on of these girls will die a cat lady or a serial killer. Sometimes both.

Yes I know that it’s not over, but I’ve made a decision and decided to review it as of episode Seventeen. I hope my reasons for abandoning the series are clear.

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I recently decided to take a break from my blogging series and watch K. You can find it all on hulu, btw. Spoilers ahoy!

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Man. Forget Akito.

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